Web design

The uniqueness of each business, its goals and wants define the planning of the website. At SEVEN WEB with many years of know-how, each construction is tailor made and carried out after thorough research.

Web hosting

Integrated web hosting services. Our servers are located in a modern and reliable data center with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure of the latest technology. Network security and stability, for the uninterrupted, fast and correct operation of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The constant changes in the algorithms of the global search engines are a daily study for the executives of SEVEN WEB, in order to use the correct and up-to-date promotion tools of your company in the first search positions.


Seven Web is a company for the construction and development of static and dynamic websites, e-shops, promotion and hosting of web applications.

Seven Web, having a team of experienced developers and web designers, records in its assets numerous collaborations with large companies of the country.

Our goal is to provide economical solutions, which are characterized by completeness, quality results and meticulous design.

The Seven Web team, having a high technical background and professional training, has a constant pursuit of recognition through the satisfaction of its customers.

Our work


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Web Design

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Marketing Tips

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