Marketing Tips

Social media exists for one simple and unique reason: to build and promote your brand. But that does not mean that you can talk about your products all day long. This is the fastest way to get your audience away. What should you do?

The best Facebook pages encourage interaction such as comments, likes, engagement. If you want your page to be successful you have to do the same, ie posts with possible questions that interest your audience, polls, quizzes, contests and “fill in the blanks”.

You can definitely find out when is the right time to publish from many different sources. One is definitely Facebook, in the statistics tab. But if you do not have many followers then you can not understand much from Facebook. Another solution is the following sites. They will help you a lot for a start.

When posting something, you should also be prepared to respond to messages or comments in real time. This means that you need to watch the conversations on your page carefully. This is an effective way to increase the loyalty of your audience. Interact live with customers and potential buyers. Your comments are shared and a conversation can reach more Facebook users.

You should try to keep your posts close to the current climate. For example, when the weather is rainy, do not hang beaches and flip flops while during a holiday or big events (eg Christmas or Easter), the hangings should be in harmony with the general climate.

A user can see your Facebook ad multiple times. If he sees the same picture over and over again, he will stop noticing it and may get tired. For this reason it is good to have 2-3 different images in each of your ads and to alternate them in the audience of your campaign. Finally, it is very important to change the cover photo about once a month. Your fans will see that you are there and will not forget you.